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All about Dental Crowns and what suits you best, in Singapore.

Our teeth, despite carrying us through chewing and the breaking down of tough solid food, are often fragile when met with severe pressure or force. Damaged teeth, when fragmented or broken, can look aesthetically-unpleasing to the eye. Not only that, the damaging of teeth also severely affects the functional side of teeth to digest and chew food.

When met with such problems, people often turn to dental crowns and bridges to allow our teeth to be mended for greater functionality and aesthetics. In this article, we will be talking about dental crowns and which type is the best for you. 

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What are Dental Crowns

Tooth Crowns, also known as dental “caps” is a prosthetic object permanently cemented into a patient’s tooth. It’s purpose is to cover a tooth, often because it has been damaged or fragmented.

It strengthens and improves the overall appearance and alignment of the teeth, often enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth. They are made from the impression of the tooth that needs amendments, or a set of teeth that require covering, in order to perfectly fit the set of teeth and look as natural as possible. 


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When are Dental Crowns used? 

  1. Restoring a chipped, fragmented or worn down tooth

When a tooth is structurally compromised after some damage, protection is needed to prevent it from further wear and tear. Dental crowns often come in to act as a protective layer that covers up the damaged tooth, to stop the teeth from breaking down any further. This allows enhanced functionality of the tooth (or set of teeth) since restoring a damaged tooth will allow you to chew and digest your food well once again. 

  1. Concealing a large filling 

Sometimes, when direct fillings made of composite resin are no longer strong enough to repair the tooth due to severely large cavities, dental crowns are implemented to fill in and strengthen the remaining natural tooth structure that is too weak to withstand the pressure of chewing. 

  1. Aesthetic treatment 

Other than functionality, dental crowns can also help with making your teeth look aesthetically pleasing again! They can cover and re-contour discoloured teeth, restoring a symmetrical and bright smile. 


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Different types of Tooth Crowns in Singapore 

Everyone’s set of teeth is different. In order for you to best consider what is most suited for you and your set of teeth after encountering any form of damage, you should first consider the different types of dental crowns in Singapore.

We mainly break them into two main categories, namely tooth-coloured dental crowns and non-tooth coloured dental crowns

Tooth-coloured Non-coloured


Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) 


Metal Gold 


What is the best Tooth Crown in Singapore? 

Now that you know the different types of Dental Crowns available in Singapore, let’s get into the pros and cons of each individual type, for you to make more informed decisions of what suits you best.

We mainly compare two aspects of each type of Dental Crown, namely its cost and durability. 

Cost (Price) Strength
Resin Other than being tooth-coloured and natural-looking, one other benefit of Resin is that it is very affordable However, there is a downside to its strength. It is the weakest of all the dental crown materials available. This means that it may be damaged when strong force or pressure from biting is placed on it. 
Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) It is more expensive than Resin.  Despite being more expensive, you are paying for a more durable material that is better at matching the natural colour of your teeth. 
All-Ceramic  Most costly amongst the tooth-coloured crowns. They cost at least $2000.  They are the most durable, most natural-looking and also biocompatible amongst the tooth-coloured crowns. 
Metal  They cost about $600 to $1000  They are strong and durable but have a slight disadvantage due to how they are more noticeable and less aesthetically-pleasing to the eye. 
Gold They are more expensive as compared to the typical metal crowns and cost up to $3000  They are of high durability with a long lifespan. However, alike metal crowns, they also have a gold colour to them which cause people to stray away from it as their smiles look less natural. 

So… Which Tooth Crown suits me best? 

Ultimately, in order to determine which dental crown suits you best is based on your own taste and preferences! You may prefer to spend less on a dental crown of less durability, or be on the other complete end of the spectrum, preferring to spend more on what lasts longer. Before making a decision on which type of crown you should get, you should also check in with your orthodontist in seeing what services they best recommend and provide.

This way, your comfort and safety is being ensured during the whole process. If you are still considering whether or not to get dental crowns implemented, fret no further for our team here at Vivid Dental Surgeons are always willing to help.


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Dr. Ryan here at Vivid Dental Surgeons hopes that everyone makes wise and informed decisions on oral hygiene, maintaining cleanliness and oral health and its best! With that, everyone here at Vivid Dental Surgeons wish you well and to stay healthy in the midst of this pandemic. 

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