Dentures are the gold standard solution for missing teeth in old age. These artificial replacement teeth replicate the appearance and function of natural teeth and healthy gums. With the advanced technology available to Vivid Dental Surgeons, the dentures we design are realistic and comfortable.
We offer two types of dentures – full and partial. Complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing, such as in the very elderly. Whereas partial dentures are used when some natural teeth are still remaining.


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Why Choose Dentures?

Dentures help to stabilize the gum line and add support to the muscles of the face. Without teeth or dentures, these muscles can sag and cause the person to look older than they are.

Dentures also assist in the proper functioning of speaking and chewing actions, just like regular teeth.

At Vivid Dental Surgeons, we practice the Valplast technology that avoids wires or screws and keeps the denture as realistic looking, as possible.

Complete vs Partial Dentures

Our orthodontists at Vivid Dental Surgeons will carefully assess your teeth and decide which dentures type will fit you best. Typically complete dentures are advised for those who have lost all their natural upper or lower set of teeth.

On the other hand, if some natural teeth remain in their full strength, partial dentures are used.

For both types of dentures, daily maintenance and cleaning are essential. Dentures can be easily removed, cleaned and placed back in.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Dentures are used permanently, but the actual visit to the clinic might only be 2 to 3 in number (excluding the consultation).


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How Are Dentures Made?

Dentures are always custom-made to fit each individual perfectly. This process involves three distinct steps:

1. Dental Impression:

This is done during the first official visit where our dentist will register a primary impression of your mouth and teeth. This is achieved through applying a special fluid that hardens and takes the shape of your natural gum line. The mouth impressions are then is then shifted to the lab where the designing of dentures begins.

2. Testing:

Once the initial prototype is made, you will be required to test it. Any and all adjustments to the dentures are made until you are completely satisfied with the shape and feel of it.

3. Issue:

Once the final shape is confirmed, the denture will be issued to you for a permanent time.

Benefits of Getting Dentures

  • Supports facial muscles and keeps them from sagging
  • Provide adequate chewing and speaking function
  • Realistic and natural-looking
  • Only 2-3 treatment visits
  • Easy to remove and clean
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Implant supported over denture

What is overdenture?

This is Implant supported dentures. This is very effective for patients who has low bone height or struggled from denture dropped off or unstable. 4 to 6 Implant need surgery to be placed and Implant fixture are attached to dentures. With Implant supported dentures, you can bite stronger food and bite harder. Medisave covers Implant surgery fees up to 1250 per Implant, more information contact Vivid.