Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions by Patients

We have compiled a few common questions for our patients to find out more about our dental services. If your question is not here, please consult with us. Whether you have a question about your dental health or you are ready to consult with our dentists for any dental queries, we would love to hear from you.

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I am afraid of the dentist

Fear of the dentist is quite common for many people. Vivid Dental is well aware of the prevalence of dental anxiety and we are properly trained to work with you in helping you to overcome these fears. You will find we are eager to work with you to make your visits comfortable and pleasant. Asking questions about your mouth and proposed treatment will help to remove fear of the unknown and give you an opportunity to become involved in your dental health.

Does dental checkup hurt?

Depending on how much plaque or tartar build-up you have, a dental cleaning should take 30 to 60 minutes. When done right, having your teeth cleaned professionally should not hurt.

Is tooth ache always serious?

Tooth pain is often a sign of serious issues with your teeth; however, a toothache does not always mean you need a root canal or extraction. A proper consultation and check up will be required to determine the best solution for the tooth.