Fluoride is considered the holy mineral in dentistry. This essential mineral keeps teeth strong and healthy by preventing tooth decay at bay. When teeth lose their fluoride content, the enamel begins to decay, and plaques can form. At our clinic, we offer modern fluoride treatments to make up for this loss and strengthen your teeth again.


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How Do Teeth Lose Fluoride?

Although many foods are rich in fluoride, certain acidic food and drinks can cause the teeth to lose not only their fluoride but also their calcium and phosphate content. This is known as demineralization, and it, overtime, makes the teeth weak.

Fluoride-rich foods can replenish and restore the content of this mineral through a process called ‘re-mineralization’. However, when the fluoride-rich diet is inadequate, fluoride treatment is the best professional option.

What Happens in Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments help strengthen teeth by making the bond with calcium in the tooth enamel stronger. This ultimately reduces the chances of tooth decay.

Fluoride is available in several different forms – cream, gel or varnish. Your dentist will help you decide the best treatment option for you.