Gummy Smile

Every person in the world has a unique smile; some have a toothier smile while others have a naturally gummy smile. Gummy smiles are when your gums show prominently compared to your teeth. Although this is considered a beautiful smile by many, some people might prefer the toothier variety.
Confident smile comes from beautiful, healthy looking gums Some people unconsciously cover their gums when they smile because they don’t want to expose their gums too much, so called “Gummy Smiles”. At Vivid Dental Surgeons, we help patients to have confident smile, by helping them to have natural and ideal-looking gum line.


gummy smile attractive

What is Gummy Smile Correction?

If you feel a lack of self-confidence because of your gummy smile, there is a way to correct your aesthetics the way you prefer them. At Vivid Dental Surgeons, we offer two types of gummy smile treatments: surgical and non-surgical.

Either of these two methods can be short-term or permanent. Surgical correction lasts for a lifetime and should be carefully considered. Non-surgical treatment will involve a temporary correction of the smile that will reduce the amount of gum that shows.

Treatment is required for the following cases:

  • over-growth of gums due to side effects of medicines;
  • cases where gums cover one’s teeth,
  • making them smaller than gums;
  • over-exposure of gums when smiling;
  • when the gums have dark red colour and swell frequently;
  • asymmetric size of left and right gums;
  • when gums have become swollen after orthodontics treatment.

What kind of treatment options available?

  • For surgical treatment, gum line may be adjusted by cutting gums.
  • For non-surgical treatment, you may consider dental veneer, which may or may not involve reduction of your teeth. Botulinum can help to adjust smile line and reduce the impact of gummy smiles.
  • Depending on circumstances, a patient may require complex treatment, which involves both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Is it painful?

There is no pain during the procedure as anaesthetic is used. Some pain may occur after the anaesthesia wears off; however, it is manageable through use of icepacks and post-operation tips.

What are important after the procedure?

Regular management of gum health is important, and this requires regular scaling & polishing and correct brushing of your teeth. At Vivid, our experienced doctors and staffs will help you how to maintain your good oral health by regular check up.