Barely visible, Invisalign is a set of teeth aligners that that perform the same way as braces with the added benefit of being transparent. People who don’t like the look of braces turn to Invisalign for their treatment. Invisible aligners are removable and easy to use so you can take them off during meals or when you brush your teeth. At Vivid, we provide invisalign package with a regular dental care.




How Does The Alignment Work with Invisalign?

Invisalign is built of plastic, which makes it clear and almost invisible. It’s also light in weight and comfortable to put on.

At Vivid Dental Surgeons, we construct a 3-D image for your teeth and decide how your teeth will need to be aligned for the perfect symmetry. A series of customized invisible aligners are made tailored to the shape and position of your teeth. The Invisalign is replaced and adjusted with a new one that fits the teeth after every two weeks.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

This is variable and depends upon your individual alignment of teeth. In most cases, people will get the desired results in a year of use. Other times the treatment period could be prolonged up to 30 months.

Why Choose Invisalign?

There are numerous benefits of choosing Invisible braces over the standard ones such as:

● Transparent which makes them invisible – cosmetically favourable
● Invisalign can be taken off when you need to floss or brush – better oral hygiene
● More comfortable than braces because no metal brackets or wires required

Before You Decide on Invisalign…

It’s important to take note of some precautions before you get your Invisalign made. Since invisible orthodontics are removable, proper treatment and alignment are highly dependent on how compliant you are to your treatment.

Our dentists will assess your case and advise the most suitable treatment option for you. Sometimes a combination of Invisalign and ceramic braces are used for the best outcome.