TAD (Temporary Anchorage Devices)

For orthodontics to work efficiently and fast, proper anchorage or support is needed. Conventionally adjacent teeth are used to as anchors but, because of their many drawbacks, they are slowly being replaced by mini-dental implants called Temporary Anchorage Devices or TADs..
TADs are removable titanium or stainless-steel implants that help promote adequate teeth movement and anchorage to braces. They bypass the need for a viable tooth as anchorage and shorten the treatment period for orthodontics.


tad orthodontics braces anchorage

Tad (Temparay Anchorage Devices) for Braces treatment.

How Are TADs Implanted?

TADS are similar to dental implants except for the fact that they don’t need to be integrated directly into the bone. Instead, these small, screw-like tools can be held stable in position simply by mechanical forces. This makes TADs more comfortable and easy to remove by the dentist. The procedure of getting TADs is minimally-invasive and safe. The patient is given a local anaesthetic that makes it pain-free.

The entire process takes up only a few minutes after which patients can resume their normal activities immediately.


tad braces anchorage

Tad (Temporary Anchorage)

Benefits of TADs

● Bypasses the need for a viable tooth or headgear for anchorage
● Makes the braces treatment shorter
● More effective tooth movements
● A pain-free, a minimally-invasive procedure that takes only a few minutes
● Easily removable after treatment
● Fit for all ages in all areas of the mouth
● Affordable

TADs need regular maintenance and should be brushed twice every day to ward off infection.