Teeth Whitening Singapore

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Teeth Whitening

Poor oral health, dietary and lifestyle habits can cause your natural teeth to discolour over time.


Looking to improve your smile?


Teeth whitening is the number one solution to get rid of discoloured teeth instantly without implants or screws.


Relatively affordable and quick, professional teeth whitening has gained significance in the field of aesthetic dentistry over the years.


Help your teeth sparkle and shine with our teeth whitening treatment today!

Teeth Whitening Procedures for Tooth Discolouration

Teeth whitening is exactly what it means – the process of making your teeth appear whiter.


There are two teeth whitening options available at Vivid:

In-Office Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening treatments

This in-clinic teeth whitening procedure only takes a single session with our expert orthodontist.


An in-office teeth whitening procedure involves applying whitening gels to the teeth. These gels include hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that removes stains from the teeth enamel and provides a whitening effect.


The brightness of your teeth depends upon the concentration of the whitening gel used.


Our professional orthodontist has the experience needed to tailor the concentration of bleaching agents according to the exact shade you want your teeth to look. While some of our patients prefer to keep a natural colour, others may gravitate towards whiter teeth.


Before the teeth whitening procedure, routine scaling and polishing will be carried out to maximise contact between your teeth and the bleaching gels


Next, we apply a specially designed mask that protects the gums and lips for the safe administering of the whitening gel.


After a 1-hour in-office teeth whitening session, patients are able to see visible results almost immediately. Your ideal result and colour enhancement will be achieved with follow-up whitening procedures that can be done at home.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

Teeth Whitening

Take-home whitening is popular because of how convenient it is. They are cheap and you can easily pick up some whitening strips at the supermarket.


This might assist with the lightest of stains, but don’t expect too much based on the price! Furthermore, using take-home whitening kits for an extended period of time damages enamel, leading to sensitive teeth and teeth discolouration.


Try Vivid’s dentist-approved teeth whitening kit instead!


This take-home whitening kit includes a professionally-fit, custom-made whitening tray and a few syringes of whitening gel. You will be taught how to apply the gel on the tray which will then be worn overnight for the ultimate boost of brightness.


Visible results are seen in just a few days!


To get these take-home teeth whitening kits, you’ll still have to come in for a consultation so that our dentists can perform an assessment of your teeth and tailor the best recommendations to you.


These take-home teeth whitening kits are also great for maintenance after an in-office whitening treatment.

Get a brighter smile with Vivid’s teeth whitening treatments!

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