Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction holds an important clinical value in dentistry. When a tooth becomes decayed, infected and beyond repair, an extraction becomes the best option to stop the infection in its tracks.




Types of Tooth Extractions

At Vivid Dental Surgeons, we practice two types of tooth extractions:

1. Uncomplicated Extraction
2. Surgical Extraction

1. Uncomplicated Extraction:

This is the method of removal of a visible and easily accessible tooth in the mouth. Done under local anaesthesia, the damaged tooth is removed using a forceps.

2. Surgical Extraction:

When the tooth isn’t visible or easily accessible, a more complex approach is taken to extract the tooth. This is done through a surgical incision and may require general anaesthesia, but usually, a numbing gel will suffice. Surgical extraction may be the recommended treatment option if your tooth has broken and impacted in the gum or behind another tooth. Teeth that grow in awkward angles will also require surgical extraction. Sometimes the process can be complicated, and an adjacent bone around the tooth may need to be excised to altogether remove all of the pieces of the tooth.

The procedure of tooth extraction Tanjong Pagar is safe, quick and comfortable. The tooth is removed from its socket, and the wound is left to heal. Once the wound has clotted, the patient can be discharged and sent home.



surgical tooth extraction procedure

The Prognosis of Tooth Extraction

The risk of infection is minimal when done under proper care. At Vivid Dental Surgeons, we make sure that our patients receive optimum care and have a low risk of infection after tooth extraction Tiong Bahru.

Common signs of an infected wound include pain or swelling in the area of the extraction. You might also get a fever. Follow-up is necessary if you experience these symptoms.

When it comes to wisdom tooth extraction Tanjong Pagar, there might be a slightly elevated risk of a nerve injury. Our orthodontists pay meticulous attention to wisdom tooth surgeries to avoid this common complication. If you experience pain or a tingling/numbing sensation in the area of the extraction after three days of the extraction, you should follow up with dentists for wisdom tooth extraction Tiong Bahru.

Care After Tooth Extraction

We recommend keeping things slow after you’ve had a tooth removed. This means that you should avoid excessive mouth washing, using a straw or manually removing a wound clot from the site of the extraction. It’s also a good idea to abstain from smoking or alcohol after a tooth extraction surgery.

It’s important to allow your wound to heal. Should you experience any worrying symptoms, consult with us immediately.